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Improving English Competence of JHS Students Through Lecfenco (Lectora for English Competence)

  29 Apr 2019 - 06:10 pm (2 year ago)
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Vol 8 No 1 (2014): Research in Education Technology, Pedagogy & Technology

Universitas Sanata Dharma



Sulistya, Joko. 2012. Improving English Competence of Junior High School Students through Lecfenco (Lectora for English Competence) Yogyakarta: English Language Studies. Graduate Program, Sanata Dharma University.

This classroom action research (CAR) is intended to improve the 9th year students’ reading achievement at SMP N 2 Bambanglipuro in the 2012/2013 Academic Year through the use of Lecfenco. The respondents of this classroom action research were classroom 9E students who were determined purposively. Classroom 9E was chosen as the subject of this research because the class has problem dealing with reading and its average score in reading is the lowest among the four other classes. This CAR consists of two cycles, in which each cycle covers four main stages including: the planning of the action, the implementation of the
action, classroom observation and reflection. The primary data are taken from the results of reading achievement tests. Meanwhile, the supporting data are gathered from observation, questionnaire and interview

Therefore, the researcher used Lecfenco (Lectora for English Competence) to improve the students’ English competence, especially reading comprehension. The researcher used Lectora program since it has many features that can support the English learning. There are many things for teaching and learning which can be put in the Lectora. The researcher puts the supporting material and exercises in some ways (reading skill and writing skill) in the hope that the students are able to access it by online or offline (CD/PPT) then the teacher can give the students website address and CD. The fnding of the research shows that Lecfenco is able to improve students’ reading comprehension. The improvement can be seen from the students’ scores in the pre-test, test in cycle 1 and post-test. The mean of
the pre-test score is 48.67 and the mean of the test score in cycle 1 is 69.00; and the mean of the post test score is 72.00. The minimum passing score is 70.

Based on the results, it can be concluded that the use of Lecfenco can improve the 9th year students’ reading skill at SMP N 2 Bambanglipuro in the 2012/2013 Academic Year in two cycles. Then it is suggested that the English teachers use Lecfenco as an alternative to English teaching and learning media, especially in the teaching of Procedure Texts.



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